The “Select” checkbox column is found in the Summary Window. Check or uncheck the select checkbox to selected or deselect an entry for printing. A check indicates you have selected that entry to be printed.

You can select from one to one hundred entries to print at one time. They do not need to be “contiguous” or even in the same window. 

If you wish to select a block of entries at one time (“range printing”), click the "Select All Above Records To Print Or Copy" link below the "Select" column to select all visible titles. Click the "De-select All Above Records" link to deselect all visible titles. Selecting or de-selecting records in this way only affects the visible records. To de-select all selected records use the "Clear Selected List" speed button or the "Clear Selected List" link in the "File" menu.

Once you have selected all the entries you want to print, click on the speed button for printing or access this function from the File section of the menu bar. A window now pops up gives you the choice of printing the Summary only, the Detail only, or both the Summary and the Detail. You are also given the choice of how you want the data sorted that you are going to print.

Your browser's default print window will then appear, where you can change printers, etc., and finally, print your results. 

If you select to print both Summary and Details you  will be prompted to print twice. This is by design. One printout will contain the Summary, and the other, the Details.

Remember to clear the list of the items you selected, unless you wish to print them again or perhaps send them to the clipboard, before you choose new items, or the old items will be printed again. Do this by selecting the speed button or the File section of the menu bar.