The advertisements found on the disc are listed alphabetically. You will note that some may have folders next to the name. These are advertisers with multiple advertisements. Clicking on the folder icon brings up a list of all the ads of that particular advertiser.

In addition, our research has shown that our clients are interested in viewing the advertisements, if for no other reason than because the prints chosen by the advertisers for their ads generally are important and/or rare.

When you click on the record of a sale that was held by one of our advertisers, you will note that that House's ad appears in the lower right-hand corner of your monitor. Clicking on the ad image enlarges it.

Even more exciting, a new feature this year allows you to connect directly to many of the advertisers websites. Look for the “Hyper-Link” button at the lower right-hand corner of the enlarged ad.

If your decision to buy or sell a print or a product was made in whole or in part by viewing one of our advertisers ads, we would appreciate your mentioning that to them.