Bookmarks allow you to keep a list of frequently-accessed prints so you won't have to search for them again. Think of this feature as if you would be 'dog-earing' or placing Post-It notes on a page to help you find it.

A work of art may be bookmarked from any of the following windows:

Search by Artist / Title

Search by Artist / Catalogue #

View All Entries

Highlight the desired work, and right click once on your mouse. Now choose the bookmark feature. A popup window will appear asking for a title for the bookmark. It will automatically show a default title consisting of the Artist Name, Title, and Date of Sale. You may accept this title or overwrite it.

Clicking on the Bookmark speed button will provide you with a list of all items bookmarked. You may then click on the desired work, and the screen will open to that work through the View All Entries window.

You may also edit the bookmarks either through the Bookmarks speed button or through the Menu Pull Down Bookmark item found on the Prints/Prices menu. In the editing process, you may choose from the following options:

Edit Highlight the desired bookmark, and choose the edit button. This features allows you to change the title assigned to that bookmark.

Delete Highlight the desired bookmark and choose the delete button. This feature allows you to delete this entry.

Exit Clicking this speed button will exit the edit portion of Bookmarks.