Finding Prints by Filtering (Boolean Search)

Whether you have the All Entries window or a specific artist window open, the Boolean search works the same.

Selecting this choice brings up a large window entitled Boolean Search For. If you are in the All Entries window you then use the Boolean search to search the entire database. If you are in an artist title window, you would then search within that particular artist's database.

The window displays two columns, titled Low Value and High Value. To have the program filter the data and give you the output, you DO NOT need to enter something in both the Low Value box and the High Value box of the choices you are interested in. As an example, if you are looking for prints of a particular printmaker from 1933, and 1933 only, you would enter 1933 in both the Low Value and High Value boxes.

As you can see, you have a number of choices:

In the All Entries window, the Artist is searchable.

The Title choice can be words or letters.

Sale Date - We recommend you use the date selector tools which appear as buttons labeled " \/ " directly to the right of each Sale Date box. Sale Date must be in the format M/D/YY, Year. For example: October 20th, 1970 would be entered as 10/20/1970. January 3rd, 1999 would be entered as 1/3/1999.

Print Year - dates are inclusive of numbers only, i.e., in our database sometimes dates are listed as "c.1945" or "ca.1852". Dates in the database with any letter before the numerals are not searchable by entering "c.1945", for example, but entering "1945" will return a record with a "c.1945" date.

Lot number or numbers are searchable.

Sale prices can be searched in dollars, euro, pounds, or marks. Just click on the down arrow next to US$ in the box to the right of Sale Price to choose other than $$.

Images can be searched by Size, length by width, either in inches or millimeters. Just click on the down arrow next to “inches” to choose millimeters. PLEASE NOTE: When searching for measurements with a fraction, please enter the decimal equivalent. For example, 1 ¼ would be entered as 1.25.

At the bottom of the window you will see three or four buttons (depending on what database you are viewing), each allowing a further choice:

Mediums lists the mediums as listed in the database. Some of these are specific to photography, some to fine prints. You may select as many of these as you wish. A de-select choice is also available. Please note that some descriptive terms, such as Color, are a medium in our database, so if you wish to search by Color Lithograph you have two mediums to select.

Auctioneers/Dealers lists the Houses and Dealers in our print price database, as separate from our “Auction House Directory/Photography Dealers/Fine Print Dealer directories” databases contained under “Directories” on the disc. Also while some auctioneers may have ceased business or changed their name, we continue to list them with the name as it was on the date of sale.

Paper types (not available in the Gordon's Photography Prices database) lists the particular paper which was used for the print.

Sale Type, i.e. "Sold", "Buy-In", etc.

Once you have made your selections, click on the OK button. After the program has performed the search, you may choose any one of four ways to display the result:




Sale Date/Lot

You make your choice of how to display the result of our search by bringing up the "Sort" window, either from the Menu Bar or by using the appropriate Speed Button, and choosing one of these four choices.

PLEASE NOTE: After you are through with your search, and before you perform another, please use the Reset Boolean Search feature on the Menu Bar or Speed Button. This enables you to "empty" your parameters from the Boolean window ("clearing a filter") without having to close out the window and bring it up again.