Options (Change Date Display Format, Display Resolution)

Changing the Date Display Format

On the Menu Bar, under File, you are able to access “Options”. One of the options given there is the ability to change the date format*.

Our program defaults to the US/American date format.

If for any reason you choose to use another manner of displaying the date, as an example, the “German” format, you can do so by choosing that method within the Options window. Please note that changing this setting affects our program only.

Following are the Date formats offered:

American: mm/dd/yy

British/French: dd/mm/yy

Italian: dd-mm-yy

German: dd.mm.yy

*Changing the format of the dates will apply to all areas except for the dates in the detail section at the bottom of the browsing screen.


Display Resolution

Change this setting to match the setting of your display adapter/monitor. Properly setting this option will allow you to view the optimum number of results in each results window, making your experience more efficient. If you do not know what your current resolution is set to, we suggest you try out the available Display Resolution setting option(s) located in the File Menu of the Datastore interface to determine which setting works best for your individual situation. Please note that changing this setting affects our program only.

This is purely voluntary on your part and you may wish, as many do, to have our program use the default settings. If that is the case, you need do nothing.



The requested changes will take effect after you have selected a new artist, etc. For your convenience, the changes will remain in effect until you change them once again. Even after closing the Datastore.