Copying to Clipboard (and Export to Tab Delimited ASCII Text File)

The method of choosing prints to be copied to the clipboard/export to text file  is identical to that detailed under Printing in the help file. 

Clicking on the speed button or Edit on the menu bar to access the Copy to Clipboard feature.

Please note that the Copy to Clipboard feature's availability and functionality depends on your browser brand and version. If data is not copied directly to the clipboard, download the text file when prompted. This text file can be opened within spreadsheet and word processing applications.

The data that this application places on the clipboard/exports to a text file is formatted with <TAB> characters.

When pasted/opened into a word processor, highlight the pasted section and then define tabstops to line up the data as desired.

Pasting into/opening the file in most spreadsheet applications will place the data into appropriate rows and columns. Detailed reports do not paste/open into spreadsheet applications as well as summary reports. Therefore we recommend summary reports for spreadsheet use.