The Lexicon is an English/French/German cross reference guide of selected, commonly used terms in the art world, with particular emphasis on prints. Once accessed, you choose which two languages you would like to relate. This lexicon is only meant to be a starting point for further study and is not meant to be exhaustive.

Click on this category on the menu bar to access the pull-down menu of six choices (English-French; English-German; French-English; French-German; German-English; German-French). If you use the speed button the default choice will be English-French. Clicking on any one of the choices opens a grid window. Once the window is open you can browse through the entries or type the word you want translated in the box and click Find Next. The program will locate the word you typed, regardless of case, in either of the languages you have selected in the lexicon display.

Please remember to click Find Next for your particular search until you receive the message No More Matches. Doing so will find all entries. As an example, typing “Spot” with English-French chosen brings up “Thin Spot”. Clicking on Find Next brings up “Dirt Spot”, then “Spot”, and finally No More Matches. Use the Find Previous button to go backwards.

When finished using the Lexicon, press the Done button.